This website and the information contained herein does not contain Financial Advice. The information is factual in its nature and is provided by the Fund Managers listed on the site from time to time. The information herein is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about any of the financial products or class of products. Users of the website should make their own enquiries regarding the suitability of any the information for their own purposes and should also verify their eligibility to view or invest in any of the products displayed on the website.

Compare, Research, Apply On-Line

Prism Select provides self-directed investors and their advisors with factual information and performance data on a group of managed funds selected from the database. Prism Select does NOT provide financial advice.

The information is presented in a structured, clear and concise format allowing the user to compare and research each fund based on its performance and risk history, along with details such as the investment strategy, manager biographies, and investment terms & conditions.

Prism Select provides users with the option of applying for each fund online using OLIVIA, a secure web-based system which includes an interactive AML and KYC module to take the confusion and frustration out of paper based application forms.


Comparing and researching managed funds is frequently a difficult and time consuming task, even for the professionals.

The information required has to be collected and collated from a variety of sources, and is rarely presented in the same format. It can be difficult to distinguish between products and terminology, and often includes marketing information included in with the key facts.

Prism Select ONLY contains facts, presented in a consistent and easy to view format, with the information and data sourced directly from each of the fund managers included on the site. There is no marketing information, leaving investors and their advisors to do their own analysis, and make their own informed comparisons and decisions.


Accessing the information required to effectively research managed funds is difficult enough, but analysing it sufficiently to conduct meaningful research can be equally, if not more confusing.

Funds on Prism Select are displayed in a "KIOSK" combining factual information with quantitative performance and risk data, and historical analytics of key performance indicators. Descriptions of each fund's investment strategy, the manager's history and biographies of the key staff are included along with key investment terms, fees and conditions.

Copies of the fund manager's current and previous performance reports are available for viewing and downloading to assist with analysis of the fund, along with current Fund Reviews provided by Australian Fund Monitors.



Paper based application forms are complex and confusing, even for professional investors. Added to the problem is the variety of investor types, with ID forms required for each one. As a result many applications contain errors or omissions, causing delays and inconvenience.

Using Prism Select you can apply for each Fund online using OLIVIA123, a secure, cloud based process to complete the application. OLIVIA guides investors through the application, saving time and reducing the potential for errors, delays and frustration.

OLIVIA includes an online ID verification module, with electronic signatures and document upload, which makes completing an application form as easy as One, Two, Three.

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